RBtechnologies:-  4 Facts

  •  1) Knowledge of a financial sector “from the inside”: employees of the Company are former R&D  Directors, Risk-Officers, CIOs, IT Architects, Treasurers, Chief Accountants, top programmers of the world`s biggest banks.
  • 2) Founded in 2009 by top-managers of the biggest East-European Banks and leading international banking audit & consulting firms (PwC, E&Y).
  • 3) Offices and development centers are located in Hong-Kong, Moscow, Saint-Petersburg. In 2017 offices open in Dubai and Singapore.
  • 4) Among our Clients are the biggest banks and financial groups in the world: Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank, VTB Group, Alfa Group, UniCredit Bank (Russia), Société Générale (Russia), Renault-Nissan Bank, Intesa Sanpaolo.

RBtechnologies:-  7 Areas of Potential Value for Your Bank

  • Islamic Banking Automation: Transformation Layer.
  • Chatbots.
  • RBdashboards: visual reporting for top management of the Bank.
  • Risks: Implementation & Support.
  • Treasury: Misys FusionCapital Implementation & Support.
  • DWH: Implementation and Support.
  • Banking applications: mobile, web, desktop.

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